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Beware Internet Scams

Internet Scams are becoming increasingly sophisticated and remarkably believable. They're modern versions of the con-jobs than have been been around for centuries. Con-men earn your trust, then take your money. The Internet just makes it quicker and easier for crooks to find soft-hearted gullible (often elderly) victims.

The best thing to do is to learn about them, so you won't fall prey to these scammers.

Here's a list of popular scams and related information that's worth reading and watching.

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The $288 Web Listings Scam

Like most business owners, you probably pay $15/year to have your mycompany.com domain registered with GoDaddy. You also probably receive scam letters in the mail from Domain Listings in Las Vegas, Nevada.

If you receive a letter like this, just throw it in the trash. It's a scam and they're hoping you don't understand how domain registration works or are in too much of a rush to read the fine print. Unfortunately, enough people fall for this each year to have kept them in business for decades.

Please also see information on how to
Protect yourself from tech support scams.


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