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Remote Access to your Desktop

There are dozens of tools to enable you to access your office computer from home. Some are easier to use, some are less expensive, but the most important thing to consider is trust.

By installing remote control software, you're giving access to your computer (and everything you do on it) to that company. You have to trust them and their security.  Employees could have access, and if they get hacked, the hackers would have access to everything as well.

It makes sense to have reservations. We trust LogMeIn.com and GoToMyPC.com more, partly because they're HIPAA compliant, which means they're taking security more seriously.

If you're using Google G-Suite (G-mail, etc) you should also consider trying Google's Chrome Remote Desktop. They already have complete access to almost everything you have anyways. Depending on circumstances, it can be as easy if not easier that LogMeIn.
And it's free. 


Remote access to office computers has become even more important now. Because of this, there's one more thing to consider. Due to the high demand, some companies may be experiencing capacity and overload issues. So keep that in mind when using them.


Quick steps to using LogMeIn

On your work computer:
On your home computer:
Things to consider:


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