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Having trouble with Microsoft 365 ?

Any time you have trouble with any Microsoft 365 product (Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneDrive, Teams, etc) go to cloud "ground zero" at http://microsoft365.yourcompany.com * using a web browser.

Everything else, like the programs installed on your computer (Outlook, Word, OneDrive, Teams, etc) or your phone (Outlook App, Authenticator ** etc) use this starting point. So try to get into the habit of going to Microsoft 365 in a browser when all else fails.

First, by going to this starting point it ensures your account is active and your password is correct.
Second, since you're communicating directly with the Microsoft 365 system, you're bypassing any connectivity or security issues that the software/apps on your computer of phone may be experiencing.
Once you know that your account is working properly, then you can tackling troubleshooting the software or apps you might be having trobule with.
Also, while you're there you should be able to do some of your work right there, on the Microsoft 365 website, including reading your email and creating spreadsheets.

So anytime you're having trouble with something in Microsoft 365, remember that the starting point is: http://microsoft365.yourcompany.com

* Note: The link address http://microsoft365.yourcompany.com should take you directly into your Microsoft 365 Business account on the web. If it doesn't, your company's domain may not be set up completely. If that's the case, contact your System Administrator, or you can contact us for help.

** Note: The Microsoft Authenticator App on your phone is a tool that enables an extra layer of security beyond just a password that can be hacked.

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