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Having trouble with Microsoft 365 ?

Any time you have trouble with a Microsoft 365 product (Outlook, Word, Excel, OneDrive, etc) use a web browser to go to cloud "ground zero" at http://microsoft365.yourcompany.com*

Everything else, like the Outlook program installed on your computer or on your phone, is secondary. So if there's a problem, try going directly to Microsoft 365 in a web browser first.

Once you know your account is working properly in the cloud in a web browser, then you can tackle troubleshooting the software or apps you might be having trouble with.

So remember, anytime you're having trouble with Microsoft 365, the starting point is: http://microsoft365.yourcompany.com or http://m365.yourcompany.com

Did you know that you can use the Microsoft Authenticator
app on your phone to protect your email account?

Microsoft Authenticator

Did you know that you can use a specialized app
on your phone to send/receive email more easily?

Outlook App

* Note: The address http://microsoft365.yourcompany.com or http://m365.yourcompany.com should take you directly into your Microsoft 365 Business account on the web. If it doesn't, your company's domain may not be set up completely. Contact your system administrator or you can contact us for help.


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