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Why Green Messages?

If you have an iPhone, you might notice that sometimes the messages are green instead of the normal blue.
(note: if you don't use an iPhone none of this applies to you).

So the question you're probably be asking is:

Why are some of my text messages green instead of blue?

The short answer is: One of you isn't using iMessage.

iMessage is the app on your phone you typically use to send/receive messages. It replaces the original SMS (Short Message System) text messages from back in the days when our phones were merely dumb "cellular phones" and not yet "smart phones".

The original SMS system allowed for just short text messages, so back then a
smiley face looked like instead of

iMessage is an Apple-only app, so if you're sending messages to someone with a different type phone, they will be green instead of blue.
iMessage requires the Internet to function properly. If there's no Internet connection, it will have to revert to the older SMS message system and messages will be green instead of blue.

So why are some messages green?

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