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2 Step Verification (2SV)
2 Step Authentication (2SA)
2 Factor Authentication (2FA)
Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
One-Time Passcodes (OTP)

They all mean the same thing: an extra step when logging into your online accounts that will help protect you from hackers.

When you log into an online account, like Google Mail, Office365 or Amazon.com, you'll use your username and password like usual, but you'll also be required to enter a numeric verification code sent to your cell phone. This makes hacking into your account almost impossible. Even if someone was able to guess or steal your password, they would also need access to your cell phone too.

The extra step may seem like a hassle at first, but it's less hassle than dealing with the aftermath of being hacked. Hackers seem to be finding passwords more easily these days, and if they have can gain access to your email account they can often gain access to everything else, including those to banks and online stores.

Most online systems, including Google Workspace and Microsoft365, can be configured to use 2-step authentication.

To make things easier, many won't ask you each time you sign in. They'll only ask when you're using a new device, or a device you haven't used in a while.

Contact us if you need help setting this up.

Google 2 Step Verification

Microsoft 2 Factor Authentication

Microsoft Outlook Security Setup

Amazon 2 Step Verification

Authentication apps on your phone

The most common method of authentication is texting a code to your phone.

To make things easier for you... and to save money because sending texts costs money... more and more companies are using Authentication Apps which will send the code to your phone without having to send a text message.

Once installed on your phone, these apps make the whole thing easier.

Google Authenticator for iPhone

Google Authenticator for Android

Microsoft Authenticator for iPhone

Microsoft Authenticator for Android


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